Lip augmentation refers to adding plumpness and volume by injecting dermal fillers in to the lips or along the lip border. Dermal fillers can help change the ratio of the upper and lower lip, it can also define the cupid’s bow and simply give the lips a more natural and hydrated appearance.


A gummy smile occurs when the gums are showing upon smiling. From an aesthetic point of view the top lip should rest just above the top of the teeth, however in a gummy smile the ratio between gum tissue to teeth is disproportionate. Its a common concern among patients and can be easily reversed by injecting Botox to relax the muscle that retracts the top lip in order to achieve a more beautiful smile.


Drooping mouth corners can make you look sad, grumpy and even angry. It can be inherited, or due to ageing. Injectable Dermal Fillers and/or Botox, depending on the cause and age of the patient, can help treat the droopiness while still leaving you with a natural beautiful smile.


Vertical lip lines, commonly known as smoker’s lines or lipstick lines are wrinkles that appear above the lips. They are usually caused by ageing, genetics, repetitive lifestyle habits and in some people, smoking. By injecting Dermal Fillers we can soften the lines while still looking natural. Botox may also be recommended to prevent further lines from developing or deepen, by relaxing the muscle causing the vertical lip lines.



A lip lift is a good solution for people who want to reduce the distance between lips and the nose or people who have thin lips and want a bigger top lip without adding volume. A long lip-to-nose ratio may be considered unattractive especially as it increases through ageing. By strategically injecting the muscles around the mouth with Botox, we can flip the lip outward while retaining the function of the muscle.