Horizontal Wrinkles or Furrows across the forehead occur due to muscle contraction when raising the eyebrows. It may be a result of ageing, smoking or genetics. We offer Botox Injections and/or Dermal Fillers to help reduce these forehead lines by relaxing the targeted muscle and therefore preventing further developing wrinkles.


Brow Lift or Forehead Rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure that helps improve the forehead and eye area by lifting the eyebrows giving the illusion of bigger eyes as this treatment elevates drooping eyebrows and eyelids to ensure a more youthful appearance.


Glabella Lines or Frown Lines are located between the eyebrows, generally shaped like the number 11. Initially, the lines are only apparent upon frowning, however they can gradually deepen, leaving deep furrowed lines between the eyebrows. We offer a combination of Botox and Dermal Fillers depending on the progression of the lines to help soften the glabellar area and thus preventing further lines from forming.


Botox treatment aims to provide relief from recurring headaches by relaxing the muscles of the forehead and preventing unnecessary muscle contraction. It is a suitable and effective treatment for patients suffering from chronic migraines and both tension and cluster headaches.